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Body Express is NOT a gym!

Body Express is a studio specialising in small group training programs. Gyms are packed with equipment and run large exercise to music classes - but they simply don't suit everybody.

Have you ever joined a gym and never got any results from your membership, despite the fact that they had miles of equipment to use and classes to attend?

Have you ever joined a gym and never got into a regular training program?

Have you ever joined a gym and felt lost in the crowd with nobody paying attention to your needs?

At Body Express all training is done in small groups. This gives you the personal of personal training but at a much lower cost - plus the motivation of training in a small group.

Why not try one or two of our small group training programs run by our personal trainers. You get the benefits of specialist small group programming, plus the attention of a trainer who can adapt each and every exercise for your fitness level.

Plus you actually get to know other members who can form part of your motivation team.